Grow a forest

For every two euros, we can grow a sturdy tree in the Sahel. Would you like to take care of a few? Fantastic: the local population and the climate will thank you!

Make a donation via the King Baudouin Foundation

Donations via this route are tax deductible in Belgium from 40 euros. This means that you get 45% of your donation back through your taxes. So a donation of € 40 will cost you only € 22!

Donate online

You can also set up a standing order, or make a one-time bank transfer. Be sure not to forget the structured message: this is how your donation gets to OZG.

Recipient: King Baudouin Foundation
IBAN: BE10 0000 0000 0404
Message: +++015/1520/00083+++

Become an Entrepreneur without Frontiers
and reduce your ecological footprint!

On average, a Belgian emits 10 tCO₂ per year. You can estimate the annual emissions of your company based on the number of employees, or calculate them more accurately using a number of handy tools. Compensate your emissions and plant a forest in Africa. You also contribute to the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): more info on this page.

Forest of 1 ha

You are compensating 70 tCO₂*


Grow forest 1

Forest of2 ha

You are compensating 140 tCO₂*


Grow forest 2

Forest of4 ha

You are compensating 280 tCO₂*


Grow forest 3

Forest of8 ha

You are compensating 560 tCO₂*


Grow forest 4

All prices are exclusive of VAT. Each year we send an invitation to renew.

* Total compensation of a newly created forest over a period between 20 and 30 years.
* On 1 ha forest in semi-arid area grow up to 300 trees


U koos voor pakket 1 en legt met uw onderneming een bos aan van 1 ha. U compenseert hiermee 70 tCO₂.

Ja, wij kopen pakket 1 (bos van 1 ha) voor €750 (*)

* Prijs exclusief BTW. We sturen u binnenkort een factuur op voor een eenmalige aankoop. Daarna sturen we elk jaar een uitnodiging om te vernieuwen.

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Let’s move for a healthy mind,
body and planet!

We live in challenging times that create additional stress. In addition, sitting in the office and meeting online at home are the new smoking. More than ever, sufficient exercise or sports are indispensable for the health and well-being of your employees. With Lignaverda you motivate them easily and in a unique way. Your employees make trees grow by moving!

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Give a tree as a present!

Want to give trees to a loved one, friend or family member? Then use Presentree! All trees purchased through Presentree will be planted by OZG. The recipient will receive a nice certificate with which they can check where those trees are located. Buying a Presentree is not tax deductible.

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